AAA claims-resolution programs can be turnkey or customized for businesses and organizations in the public or private sector for high- or low-volume claims caseloads.

AAA claims programs include many types of scalable, cost-effective programs, including Disaster Relief; Employment Dispute Resolution; National and Regional Insurance; Residential Mortgage Foreclosure; Municipal Bankruptcy; and Olympics and Sports Doping.

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Corporate Bankruptcy Solutions

AAA claims-resolution programs are customized for reorganizing companies in varying industries. The type of claims resolved run the gamut from product liability to repayment of refunds due to termination of employment, and the processes utilized cover the spectrum from mediation to non-binding and standard binding arbitration.

By legislation in 2010, Congress directed the AAA to develop and implement the high-profile Special Binding Arbitration Program for Automobile Dealerships and Manufacturers, resulting in A Report to Congress: The AAA Auto Industry Arbitration.

Asbestos Personal Injury Trust Administration

U.S. Bankruptcy courts have allowed manufacturers of asbestos products facing substantial asbestos-related liabilities to file for bankruptcy and set up personal injury (PI) trust funds to compensate claimants. To date, the AAA has been named “private adjudication ADR administrator” by seven PI trusts and continues to add new ones.