AAA-ICDR® Zoom Virtual Hearing Managed Services exists to assist arbitrators, mediators and parties in offering a productive online hearing experience. Utilizing this service, the parties, and arbitrators and mediators are able to concentrate on the dispute at hand, and not the technology on which the hearing is being conducted.

The AAA-ICDR’s virtual hearing specialists will be devoted to your virtual hearing, attending to all of the details that make a virtual hearing successful. They are accustomed to both the Zoom platform as well as the ADR process. 

Expertise: AAA-ICDR is the largest provider of ADR services in the world and has administered the most cases worldwide. 

Peace of Mind: Having a neutral organization managing your virtual hearing provides an extra layer of confidence that the process is fair.

Security: AAA-ICDR has configured the set-up for virtual hearings to help promote privacy, security and ease-of-use. 

Customizable: Some cases might need to have their virtual hearings customized to meet the needs of the parties. We will set up the virtual process in line with what the parties need for a successful hearing.