Technology plays an import role in the world today, and it is no different in alternative dispute resolution (ADR). The American Arbitration Association, the largest ADR provider in the world, has invested in both protecting the data of our clients as well as building the capabilities to resolve technology related disputes. 1

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Secure Case Administration 6/8
The security and privacy of party and case information

The security and privacy of party and case information is a top priority for the AAA-ICDR. We have implemented best practice policies, technologies and procedures to help protect data and technology resources. The protections implemented apply to all case data and equipment stored and managed on the AAA’s technology infrastructure. ROW1

Technology Dispute Expertise 6/8
Technology Panel of Arbitrators 6/8

Technology expertise matters. Knowledge in technology disputes is crucial because of what is at stake. AAA panels are composed of accomplished attorneys with exceptional subject-matter expertise; former federal and state judges; and business owners who understand the essence of the dispute.

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Article: Cybersecurity Protocols and ADR 6/8
Diana Didia,
AAA-ICDR Chief Information & Innovation Officer

Ultimately, the ADR industry will need to come to terms with several major questions: How will participants with varying degrees of technology and training collaborate without risking sensitive data? What’s the ideal process for managing large volumes of materials? How should parties handle document retention and deletion? 6/8

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