Natural disasters wreak havoc on the lives of the people affected. The AAA uses its expertise in customizing mediation programs and its highly trained mediators to help homeowners, businesses, and communities recover.

With its status as a not-for-profit, public-service organization and a history of neutrality, the AAA is continually designated by states to settle their major claims from large-scale natural catastrophes. AAA Disaster Relief Claims Resolution Services details many of the AAA’s programs for homeowner, property, and business claims.

Notable Disaster-Claim Programs

The AAA has been selected to provide disaster-relief programs for:

Storm Sandy / New York

At the closing of this New York State-mandated program, 3,360 mediations had been filed with a settlement rate of 63%.

Storm Sandy / New Jersey  

At the closing of this New Jersey-mandated program, 991 mediations had been filed with a settlement rate of 67%.  

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita / Louisiana and Mississippi

Louisiana and Mississippi designated the AAA as administrator of their catastrophe-claims programs, with an aggregate of 17,831 cases and a 76% settlement rate.

Hurricane Andrew / Florida

This Florida-mandated program had a settlement of 92% for their 2,500+ claims.

North Carolina Disaster Mediation Program

The AAA works with the North Carolina Department of Insurance to ensure that this program — available to first-party claimants after a state of disaster has been proclaimed by the Governor or declared by the President for all of North Carolina or for an area within the state — is maintained in the necessary state of readiness. To date, the settlement rate of claims is 75%.

For more information, visit the North Carolina Disaster Mediation Page.

Assembled and Vetted Mediators

Being a member of the AAA Mediator Panel is not a prerequisite to serving as a mediator on these disaster relief programs.  The entity appointing the AAA as administrator sets forth that criteria.